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Re-Engineering/Re-Design of business proceses, Simultaneous Engineering, EDM/PDM, Knowledge Management, Quality management, EDP-Infrastructure, CAD/CAM, PPS, Engineering Workflow, CRM, SCM......are areas demanding an tremendeous Know how. The traditional consulting is focused on specific department oriented applications like CA.., TQM, MRP, ERP, PPS, Logistic, Knowledge Management, Human resources, ...... and works excelent in their specific area.

The consulting business today is high specialized and focused on the named specific areas. There is no consulting company on the market supporting all the disciplines involved in the integration proces of the department oriented systems changing it to a global Information System. There is a lot of consulting companies and consultants, who are to small to be able to master the big integration projects. A virtual consulting can solve such a comprehensive problem, the skills and abilities of the virtual consulting company give the survey of the application support needed for a comprehensive covering of all applications involved.

The problem is the cooperation of the specialists, the ability to work as a team on a common project involving all the department oriented systems to get them together to build an engineering workflow system, which supports all the business processes running through the company.

The introduction of Engineering Workflows needs such generalists with a pool of specialists.

In a virtual consulting company teams of specialists can work together, who posses the necessary Know how and the capacity.

A Pool of consultants covers:

Together with our Partner we offer just some of the services above and are still expanding the spectrum.

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